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Lisa Teesch-Maguire, who is working with the prosecution on behalf of victims, argued that victims, their families and potential witnesses have been harassed by the media and feel intimidated by a group of Holmes’ followers who have launched a campaign insisting that he is innocent. They call themselves “Holmsies.”





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A Holmie’s Official Statement To The Media:


(Holmies, if you read this and agree with it, do us a favor and reblog it.)

To Whom This May Concern In National Media:

First off all, let me start out by letting you know that we are not here to respond to you with anger, threats or anything else that can be taken that way of an angry nature. In fact, the only thing we are upset about is the false reporting about who we are in terms of what we stand for.

I understand that sensationalism sells. I get it. We all get it. But that does not make it okay.

So I personally want to set the record straight about a few things. Now I know this will probably never make it into one of your reports and that’s okay, but articles and headlines like these are completely out of line and goes against your so-called ethics of “unbiased” reporting:

(The article shown here may be found at the following website:

As well as this (in which the article claims that because we express our freedom of choice, we cast a “shadow,” on Tumblr for any possible business related dealings they may have):

(The article shown here can be found at the following website:

And finally this article (one of many that refers to us as trying to “hug the crazy out of James Holmes,” while many other articles on the internet share our Tumblr usernames, pictures and call us sick):

(The article shown here can be found at the following website:

These are just three articles, of the many, that members of the media have put out about us.

Since the media has been reporting about the Holmies movement online, many of us have received death threats, hate mail, and yes even the occasional rape threat. Yet we’re the sick ones? Thanks to you, some of us can not even feel safe enough to come out and publicly show our support for another human being! I personally feel like the mental health care system in America not only let down James Holmes, but lets down thousands of Americans like him every single day. I am certainly not the only Holmie who feels and believes this way.

1) A majority of Holmies are not teenaged girls. I am personally 25 years old. Some of us are college educated, or going through college at the moment. I am personally in college at the present moment.

2) Holmies are not all just girls either. We do have a few males among us as well.

3) Most of us are just interested in the facts of the case. This does not mean that serious questions have not come up while we are researching. If this is the case, we will share our questions, opinions and so on, with each other. Think of the Holmies as pretty much a network of people who are trying to search for answers to the case, just like you are.

4) While most of us know that James Holmes guilt looks cut and dry, we also believe in one very important thing. It’s the one thing that you do not seem to care about anymore whenever you, the mass media, seem to report about him: in this country it is innocent until proven guilty by an unbiased jury in a court of law. And no, the court of public opinion is not the same thing. Please stop getting the two confused.

5) We do not under any circumstances condone the actions in which James Holmes is accused of committing. Those people suffered cruelly that night, and it is not something I would ever wish on anyone. Stop saying that we have no sympathy for the victims and their families. Not only is that not true, it is downright slanderous! You are not fit to nor have you done enough research on the Holmies, to make assumptions like this. Most of us feel terrible for the victims. We also feel terrible for the Holmes family as well because they have to live with the stigma that is placed on them from not only the media, but from everyone else in America thanks to James Holmes being accused of what it is he is accused of doing. We do not blame his family in any way, and we do not believe anyone else should either.

6) To answer the question of the hour: Are there any Holmies who find James Holmes physically attractive? Even if it is just parts of him? Yes, there are. Some of the Holmies (not all), either find him completely attractive or parts of him attractive. For example: eyes, lips, hair, etc. This does not mean that they are worthy of smear campaigns from the media to the general public, nor are they worthy of the media trying to “shame,” them for it either. Some of the Holmies will admit that they suffer from Hybristophilia. It is also known as “the Bonnie and Clyde,” syndrome. While it is thought to mainly be triggered in women, some could argue that males are susceptible to experiencing it as well. Or is anyone forgetting just how many men thought that Casey Anthony was attractive?

7) Do any of the Holmies support the killings? 99% of us do not. Unfortunately, just like every group on the face of the Earth, there are always a few who stand outside of their group norms. I can not personally speak for any of them because I do not personally support the murder of any human life.

8) We would like to respectfully remind the media that if you want to report on us, you must obtain our express permission to do so. You may not use our images, Tumblr usernames, Tumblr pages, or anything written in or on our blogs without our expressed written or verbal permission. Some of the girls that you have reported on and posted pictures of wearing plaid and drinking slurpees, could sue you for using their images without their permission (even if you removed their eyes from the photos). They could also sue based on grounds of slander and harassment that they now experience thanks to your uninformed reports to the general public. We are not sick, and we should not be shamed for our support for James Holmes to receive a fair trail, that he should be allowed to receive proper mental health care, or the fact that we oppose him receiving the death penalty. Putting a mentally ill James Holmes to death will not bring any of those innocent victims back. Just something to think about.

In closing, we just would like to remind you that all we are asking for is for fair reporting about us, or to just be left alone. We understand that this stance that we have taken is not a popular one. We get it, and understand why. But neither you nor the general public are the morals police. Our morals and beliefs are not subject for your shaming and smear tactics. We are entitled to the right to believe however we wish to believe. Period.


The Holmies.


“if he was black or a latino white middle class girls wouldn’t be fawning over hi-“







Evanies Shock Internet 

Hey I really can't tell if you're a "Holmie" or not though it seems to me like you aren't but I'm writing a brief news short on them for a mass comm class about them and was wondering if based off your insight into the whole thing what you think makes people holmies exactly? Is it pure attraction or something darker?

Okay, hold on a minute. “Is it pure attraction or something darker?” Can you not put that in your news short? That only adds on to the bullshit the media has put upon the public. There’s nothing dark about Holmies. Nothing. 

Yes, I’m a Holmie. No, I’m not the “fan girl” type of Holmie. Why? because I’m a male and it’s virtually impossible for me to be a fan girl. What kind of a Holmie am I? The type that is interested in and following the James Holmes v. The People of the State of Colorado case (the “fan girls” essentially fall into this type of Holmie as well). 

As for what makes people Holmies:

  • James Holmes
  • The case
  • For some, his appearance—finding James Holmes attractive does not mean that they’re “dark” or “twisted”
  • Physical attractive is in our human nature
  • And there are also some Holmies who are like 12-15 years old and are just embarrassing themselves, but “YOLO”, right?
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James’ next hearing is in 4 days time, on October 11 (October 12, in Australia).

It is scheduled to take place at 9:00am MDT

"Tumblr user thejamesholmes, also known as H, has been taken into custody."

Wait, did one of the “holmies” get arrested or something?





these are two completely different people!!! :\ :\

He does look different, but it is the same person. If you add those two up with the pictures in the past, you will definitely see. Like his high school picture, science presentation, llama.. His eyes are the same exact color in about every picture, his nose is the same(it is wider when he smiles in every picture) his neck and adams apple are identical, his head shape is the same… His eyebrows got a little thicker over the months, but that’s natural. He gained a little weight, but that cannot determine anything.

In the second picture, if you add the crazy orange hair, give him a sadder expression, and if he lost a little weight, you’d definitely see. Just stare at the second mugshot and add things little by little and it is him. James Holmes does not have a twin.

I was joking. 

Oh, sorry. Wasn’t attacking your post. D:

Haha, s’all good. No worries. 

But it would have been wise to check the original source of the photo, where I wrote the caption as “His first and second mugshots, side by side.” :P


Too soon. Too real. Too everything. Ugh. If you’re looking to get beaten up (deservedly) this Halloween, here’s your costume.

How does somebody deserve to get beaten up? And this is not too soon—it’s been four months since the shooting happened. Also, was it not too soon in 2001, when they made Osama Bin Laden masks, not even a month after the 9/11 attacks (where 3000+ people were killed)? Was that not too soon? Too real? Too everything? Ugh????

His first and second mugshots, side by side.